Welcome to Hampton Lucy Parish Council

Hello and welcome to the Hampton Lucy Parish Council. This simple page has been set up so that you can view and download our draft Neighbourhood Plan and its supporting documents. It is important that during this period of public consultation we hear your views, whether positive, suggesting amendments, other considerations or taking issue with some of the policies. We want to hear your opinions. As part of the process we will review all responses. At the bottom of this page there is a form whereby you can leave your feedback regarding the document.

We are currently building a full website which will house information about the Hampton Lucy Parish Council along with giving access to download minutes, view agendas and other parish based information that might be needed.

The Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan Pre Submission Consultation

Surveys and Reports

Residents Survey and Results

Housing Needs Survey Report

Lepus Environmental Report

Regulatory Documents

Neighbourhood Area Map

Neighbourhood Area Report Area

Designation Confirmation Letter

Stratford Herald Regulation 14 Notice (28.07.22)

Stratford District Council Regulation 16 Notice (15.06.23)

Potential Housing Site Assessments

Site Map

Site Assessments

Local Green Space Assessments

Local Green Place Plan

Local Green Place Assessments